Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I met Lucy in 2003 at her breeder's home in Altadena, CA. That day I drove from work thinking "yeah, I'll just take a look at these puppies" not knowing that as soon as I lay eyes on her, I knew I would not leave without her. She was 4 months old then and this coming March 18, my girl will be turning 7 years old.
Having her changed my life. I learned that caring for another being other than myself is so much more rewarding. All of a sudden I had a more important purpose.
Lucy has been with me through ups and downs, never judged me and continue to give me- and now even my husband Chris, the most unconditional love.
I'm not sure exactly how she will be with our coming baby Leon- but one thing I know is that I'll definitely enjoy seeing them get to know each other as time goes by.

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