Wednesday, March 31, 2010

17 days

17 days 'til due date, seems like the longest 17 days of my life! Not only am I so excited to meet our 'lil boy and finally see his face, I'm physically exhausted. Knowing that I've got a fully cooked baby in my belly makes the anticipation more difficult to handle. When I began to show signs that I would be carrying a pretty big belly- bigger than what I expected based on my small frame I instantly thought there is no way I would make it all the way to the due date. For some reason I felt the baby would come sooner because I just would not be able to handle it. Well as April 17 draws nearer I'm slowly realizing I might be wrong. Carmen our doula assures me time and time again- the baby will come when he is ready. I have great faith in nature and that calms me down. The only thing that I worry about is being induced by my doc, getting on Pitocin making it impossible to bear labor and then all the medical interventions that seem to come along with all that. I know these thoughts are not helping me at the moment- yes I'm well aware therefore I'm unto my next distraction...
What would it be today?

Check out the two photos above. It totally shows how priorities instantly change when a baby is involved. I had a beauty room most women dream of, with all my lovely shoes presented in its glory along with my purse collection. This photo was taken after I had my hair & make-up done the day of our wedding.
Truthfully it was not hard to give up. I knew I wanted a nice and cozy room for our 'lil one and so out with the beauty room and in comes Leon's nursery. For now I've been demoted to a 'lil corner where I have a small mirror and shabby lighting.

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  1. sweet lady. you are stronger than you give yourself credit for!!! i know the last days of being pregnant are hard (so I've heard...) but you can do it!! ***BIG HUGS!*** love! Beautiful writing as well.