Friday, March 26, 2010


Perhaps because I did not expect that pregnancy could at times be lonely, I was caught by surprise to have to deal with some personal junk I've unknowingly carried around. Pre-pregnancy I had a notion that pregnant women are most times celebrated and that support is received from every direction. This has not been true in my case. Sure I get support from a few friends that I'm very close to but on the other hand, there's been a good amount of people who sort of disappeared. At times, I think to myself "Is this what happens when you become a parent? Were my single friends only hanging around me when I could hang out at the bar and have a drink? Did I stop being fun?" I guess this is the transition I hear people talk about. That when you embark on such a big life changing moment, everything changes including the scenery and the people you're surrounded with.
If not for Chris, I would be a mess trying to figure out why. I have to say that he truly has been my most solid source of support and love. We've gotten through a lot in the past but time and time again he reminds me that there's nothing we can't get through together.
In the beginning I used to feel so left out but now I have to admit that it's refreshing to know that the friends and family I have around at the moment are those that are sure to stay no matter what. Those are the people that matter the most to me anyhow.

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  1. Gorgeous blog, Anna!
    Yes! Some friends may disappear. It's okay. You will gain so many more new mom friends, and the true friends you have now will stick around.
    Go to as many new mom groups as you can. Pump Station is great, as well as Kindermusik, MyGym, Gymboree, etc.
    I remember always feeling like I couldn't even get myself and Aidric to the store when he was new. I worried about him crying or pooping. I wish I had just gone out and gathered with other new moms. That and getting sleep is the best advice I can give.
    I am so excited for you two!