Friday, March 19, 2010

Cool Baby Mobile

The first time I saw this baby mobile was at my cousin's and I could not believe how entertained both her twins were. Each of the babies were in complete awe of this nifty but extremely simple baby mobile. It simply is genius.
It's called the Manhattan Toy Infant Stim-Mobile and it's available at Amazon for much less than the fancy rotating musical mobiles out there.
I literally took down a baby mobile that cost triple and replaced it with this one.
The trick is it features visual cards that directly face the baby when they are laying down. Each card has high contrast graphic images of bright colors and black & white. Along with it comes a wide array of other designs so that parent can replace the cards in case baby gets bored.

I hand made a baby mobile that now hangs above the changing table. To match the bird theme we have going on in the nursery, it originally had small birds dangling. Since the new mobile came with extra graphic cards, I cut off the birds and attached each of the graphic cards instead.

I'm very excited to see how Leon responds to it!

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