Sunday, March 14, 2010

Leon's Nursery

Presenting... Leon's nursery!
Pre pregnancy I would have never thought that I would get so much pleasure from putting a baby nursery together. As the days went by and the closer I got to our due date it's as if a switched turned on and I was on get-the-nursery-ready mode.
I did my best to keep the decor as neutral as possible since I've never been too fond of blue. The main color is a light almost powdery green. One of our good friends commented that the room lacks super heroes and trucks but Chris and I have always been more of the artistic types rather than action adventure fans.
The framed art on the wall and the birds hovering are from
Chris painted the birch trees on the accent wall behind the crib and both crib and co-sleeper we bought used from Craigslist. Slightly used and half the price- total winner!

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