Friday, April 2, 2010

Dr. Harvey Karp

Watched the DVD for the second time today. As much as I'm hoping and crossing my fingers that our 'lil one won't need all the tricks Dr. Harvey offers, it's good to be armed with the 5 S's to soothe a fussy baby especially for a newbie mom like me. It seems like common sense but I would have never thought these 5 simple tricks can help a baby settle down and relax.
For those who have not heard of the 5's yet, the system consists of:
  • Swaddling- Wrap your baby tightly in a receiving blanket to duplicate the feelings of warmth and protection, and the "tight fit," in the womb. Swaddling also stops your baby's uncontrolled arm and leg flailing that can contribute to hysterical wailing. Karp says your baby will be calmer if she's swaddled 12-20 hours a day in the beginning. "Twelve hours may seem like a lot from our point of view, but to the newborn, it's already a 50 percent cutback on the 24-hour-a-day 'snuggling' in the uterus," he explains.
  • Side stomach soothing- Lay your baby on her side or stomach, which Karp believes shuts down the baby's "Moro reflex," or a sensation of falling, and thus helps keep her calm. (He adds, however, that a baby should never be put to sleep on her stomach, since this may increase the risk of SIDS, or sudden infant death syndrome).
  • Shushing sounds- There is a whooshing noise within the womb, caused by blood flowing through the mother's arteries. You can recreate this sound with a "white noise" machine, a tape or CD with these "white noise" sounds: a dishwasher, a car ride or a hair dryer.
  • Swinging- Rhythmic movements in an infant swing, hammock, moving automobile, or baby carrier can keep your baby content.
  • Sucking- Occupy your baby with a pacifier, infant bottle, or a mother's nipple (which Karp describes as "the all-time, No. 1 sucking toy in the world.")
Thank you so much to my friend Lisa for sending this as a baby present.

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