Sunday, April 25, 2010

Giant eyes

Everyday baby Leon grows more alert and keeps his gigantic eyes wide open as ever. I'm slowly realizing that his facial features really do resemble mine. Everything else about him reminds me of Chris. Our sweet little boy is growing right before our eyes- it truly is amazing.

When he is fussy despite all his needs being met- and it seems all he needs is a good cry as a release, it's crazy how the sound of his cry really pulls on our hearts. I now realize that once you become a parent- in an instant you become a protector to your child and that if it is at all possible to keep them comfortable- sporting big smiles all the time- you would make it happen without a question. Chris and I are learning that there are times when Leon will be unhappy and uncomfortable and there won't always be a solution that we as parents can offer- this I'm thinking would be true all throughout his life as we watch him grow into his own person.

This is my favorite diaper barrier cream for Leon and I highly recommend it to other moms out there. The consistency is great- not too sticky and applies smoothly plus it smells really fresh.

I ordered a couple more from Amazon and patiently waiting for it to arrive. My only wish is that it came in a larger tube.

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