Saturday, April 17, 2010

2 weeks old

We're slowly finding out that baby Leon at only 2 weeks old already has quite an interesting personality. Oh and I bet it's only going to get more colorful as time progresses. So far we know that:

He really dislikes diaper changing- screams and kicks no matter how quick we manage to change his dirty diaper;

He fights back falling asleep- (which he totally takes from Chris) Leon would keep his eyes half-open just to make sure he does not give in to sleep despite the yawns, the fussiness and exhaustion;

He does not like to be woken up- just as difficult as it is to get him to fall asleep is getting him to wake up;

He associates mom with booby and dad with relaxation. Somehow all fussiness goes away when he is in Chris' arms;

He is very chill as long as he is satisfied. He can sit in his bouncer or lay in his swing for a long time just gazing around in complete contentment.

It's definitely entertaining to watch him grow everyday.

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