Friday, April 16, 2010


Chris' sister- Nora sent us a beautiful flower arrangement as a welcoming present for Leon- (THANK YOU Nora!)
It had been sitting pretty in the middle of our coffee table. I'm well aware of my husband's talents and yet I'm in total admiration and awe whenever he effortlessly creates something like the art work pictured above. Chris drew the flower arrangement using a paint program in his new Ipad- (which by the way- he is totally addicted to). Yep- he managed to create this wonderful piece of art while sitting on the couch one lazy afternoon. He makes it look so easy!
If ever Leon grows up showing interest in art, painting or music, it would all be surely because of Chris (and not me).

On a different note, I had promised myself I will not step on a weighing scale until at least one month after giving birth to baby Leon. Well I crumbled and weighed myself this morning. I must admit that I'm not too happy about what I saw- but at the same time I feel that losing the pounds would not be too hard to accomplish either.
I gained a total of 42 lbs during pregnancy, lost 15 lbs the day Leon was born and now have about 25 lbs of weight to shed. With good healthy eating, less snacking, exercise and continued breast feeding I should be well on my way. Wish me luck!

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