Monday, November 1, 2010

pumpkin says so much

Halloween eve my sweet husband Chris came home with this pumpkin. It had a rough surface, discoloration and a very noticeable slanted shape, in short, imperfect. He walked in the door showed me the pumpkin he picked from a wide array of better looking pumpkins and said "look this is the one I chose to bring home." I know him so well and right there I realized even more why I married this man. The pumpkin says it all.
Chris is someone who never judges based on appearance and one who finds beauty in imperfection. I love this about my husband and I believe this is the quality that drew me to him when we were just starting to see each other- way back when. Chris was able to get past the protective wall I built and this persona I was comfortable to project all because he showed me that he truly valued what is in my core. No matter how flawed and how imperfect, I was and am loved.
Chris, we love you so much. Having you saves me everyday.

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