Wednesday, November 10, 2010

baby bottle buddy

I was browsing online looking for where I could purchase "the wean machine" and I came across this cool and very unique baby item.
The "Baby Bottle Buddy"  

If only Leon took to the bottle I'm sure I would get him one of these.  It helps to make bottle feeding a more soothing experience for baby and minimize other distractions.  Even with exclusively breast feeding Leon at 7 months he is so easily distracted by anything in the room.  He abruptly pulls away (ouch) to take a look at whatever it is that caught his attention.  I would think these plush cute bottle buddies would do the trick for babies who use a bottle.  It also has ears that have ridges and bumps for babies who are teething.

Funny thought:  what if I wear a monkey suit while nursing?  

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