Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween weekend

I love Saturday mornings. Chris is home and we have the whole weekend ahead of us.
Before having a baby Chris and I swore up and down that we won't let our house look like a playground. Obviously we didn't know exactly what we were heading into. A baby does take over the living room no matter how hard I try to keep baby items at a minimum. At the moment we have a large blanket right in the middle of the room for Leon, a jumperoo next to the couch and an exersaucer by the kitchen. Oh well. Anything to keep Leon entertained and whatever buys me some time to rush to the bathroom, get a snack or even check emails.

I was so sick over the weekend. The worst cold I've ever had. It's been going around town and I wasn't lucky enough to miss it. I blame the drastic weather changes. Rain, sunny like summer and then very chilly at night.
I noticed Leon was a bit under the weather too. In this picture we tried so hard to make him smile. What we got was a tight lip and very serious face. He humored us though. He wore the costume and sat by the pumpkin his pops carved without budging until we were done.

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