Thursday, July 29, 2010

Play time

The last 4 months besides caring for Leon I've been very concerned about how well my 'lil Lucy will adjust to our newest member of the family. So far so good and it seems to only get better. Mornings are very busy for us. Leon is awake and ready to play and so is Lucy.

I did not know how to effectively teach Lucy that there are toys just for Leon. It's especially difficult because baby toys and doggy toys are very similar- mostly stuffed and squeeky and almost always end up scattered on the floor.

Well this morning Lucy proved that she finally gets it. She wandered towards Leon's basket of toys, buried her nose at a few places in the basket, turned around and went to her own basket of toys. She came back with her very own stuffed animal in her mouth and then nudged for me to play. I'm so proud of her. Lucy and I have always had a special bond and if reincarnations are real- then she must have been my true bff in a previous life.

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  1. So proud of Lucy too...and i agree with you and lulu have an unbelievable bond, really amazing...:) hehehe! :)