Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Only Child

I found the Time article The Only Child: Debunking the Myths very interesting. It seems that besides how old Leon is- the next most popular question from family and friends is when we're having the next baby. When either Chris or I reply honestly that we are happy to have just one child- we always get a gasp or an explanation of why we should change our minds. I've gotten responses like "one child does not make a family" or "try again so you get a girl next time" as if having a baby is like picking up food from a grocery store. I love Leon and I'm utterly enjoying motherhood. Chris and I would love to travel and see the world with our son. Traveling with two young kids in tow just does not seem to equal stress free traveling. Some people may find this selfish but I find that having more kids for the wrong reasons is even more self serving.
A small part of me worried about raising an only child mainly because from my own experience- only children I've come across as adults are generally self centered and unwilling to share. I have to trust that raising a well balanced and grounded kid depends on Chris and I. In the meantime- I'll be making sure Leon gets all the socialization he can get from his cousins and baby pals.

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