Thursday, July 1, 2010

I remember the first few days of having Leon home, most of what I wondered about was when Chris and I would be able to get another full night's rest. Those days feel like only yesterday and yet long gone. Our sweet 'lil Leon has been sleeping for 8 straight hours. Hooray and sigh at the same time. Already? Our newborn is fast becoming a full pledged baby. Holding his head up, looking around in complete awareness of his surroundings. I definitely don't miss the sleepless nights but it somehow is bittersweet. We won't get those moments back and perhaps that's why I feel this way.
There were definitely many memorable moments between Chris and I of not knowing what to do with our brand new baby, getting up in the middle of the night bumping into things because we were so out of it, staring at each other realizing it's been weeks of no sleep... oh just remembering it makes me chuckle.
There are many more special moments to cherish, this I know and I'll make sure to relish each one as it comes.

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