Wednesday, October 20, 2010

meals to go

We are off to Seattle, WA. this weekend!
Chris and I are so excited. It's a big deal for us because this is our first out-of-town trip as a family of three. Initially we thought it would be a great dry run for the major travel to NC for Thanksgiving. Then we realized that Sunday is our 1 year wedding anniversary and so a fun weekend getaway is definitely fitting.
Along with the excitement of course, comes my anxiety about traveling with baby food. Ever since I began giving Leon solids I've always made home made purees. From time to time I would offer him some Earth's Best jarred food that he actually loves. It's interesting how he refused my home made pureed green peas but the Earth's Best green peas and brown rice he loved instantly. You can never tell what will be a hit so the key is to just keep on trying different flavors.
I've been reading up on what to do so I could still incorporate Leon's frozen home made food cubes to ready made baby food. I found this article to be very helpful.
I got this super adorable mini cooler from Target. I'm so amazed at how attractive looking it is compared to the typical coolers out there. It has two pockets on the front that could hold baby spoons, a small fork to mash fresh food on the spot and some moist wipes. It can also hold a lot of food inside.

... and here are the store bought baby food I'm going to try and offer Leon. Hopefully he will like it.

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