Thursday, October 7, 2010

bye woombie!

The Woombie served us real well. I remember during the first weeks of having Leon home the Woombie swaddle instantly calmed him down and made him feel safe. He loves his swaddle so much that if it were up to him I bet he will be in a swaddle 'til college. The main problem is he is getting way too big for it and is growing stronger everyday. There are mornings when my first peek at him in the crib shows a completely turned baby. It worries me so much because he may be able to turn unto his tummy and with his arms bound in the swaddle- he won't be able to turn himself back over. It's just time, I know it. We enjoyed the woombie benefits for a good 6 months and now it's time to wean him off it.

Today is the second day of weaning and boy it's been really rough. Picture above is after I pulled him out of his crib because I could no longer listen to him cry. He cried for about 45 minutes. Each minute was a pinch at my heart. My sweet friend Amy has been such good support. Her sweet baby girl- Matilda was a Woombie dependent as well but is now completely swaddle free. I remain hopeful the end of the struggle will be very soon.

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