Wednesday, October 20, 2010

cute booty

Lucy does not care much for Leon. I can't blame her really. It used to be that Lucy was the center of my world. I treated her like a real baby. Not the four legged kind but the kind that got strolled around the mall in her very own pink stroller. Yes I did. I was once that lady pushing around a dog stroller. I love Lucy dearly and I still do but things definitely changed when Leon arrived. For one if Lucy is barking for a treat at the same time Leon is crying- my instinct is to soothe Leon first and then while he is in my arms we rush to the fridge to grab a carrot for Lucy.

Recently I've caught Lucy make major progress (picture as proof). It's quite hard to believe it has taken almost 7 months for my sweet princess Lucy to get used to the fact that the baby we brought home is not going to disappear.

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