Monday, October 18, 2010

boo colds

I would think it's very typical for one to not realize just how demanding and at time just flat out difficult it is to be a parent up until someone actually becomes one. There is this intense love that is front and center then around it are everyday challenges.

Helping my 'lil man deal with his very first runny nose is one of those day to day challenges. It's really rough to perform on 100% mode when I'm running on maybe 2-3 hours of sleep. Chris most likely got less because his sleep is so easily disrupted by any 'lil sound.

I feel for my dear baby. If I could negotiate and carry his illness for him I bet I would. Reality is we have to get past this virus while keeping him as comfortable as possible. How? I'm still figuring it out as I type. More li

quids for baby, nursing, keep the humidifier on and avoid exposing him to sudden change in temperatures. Any other suggestions?

I've been using these boogie wipes with saline and it seems to be helping

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