Friday, October 8, 2010


Being that my immediate family is back in the Philippines- it's no mystery that I miss my family so much. I miss my mama and my 'lil sister Vanessa- whom I'll always refer to as little even though truth is she is 29 years old and is herself a mom.

Today I got a rare treat! Cousins from San Francisco and New York are in town. Leon and I had a great time spending a few hours with them today.

After we got our family fix we headed down to Leon's pediatrician for his third set of vaccines. I drag my feet to the pediatrician whenever it's vaccine day. I just dread witnessing my sweet boy take those needles. He handled it better than the previous times and I'm oh so proud of him. He still screamed and cried but this time I can tell that he was well aware of my presence. He looked at me and somehow he knew I'm there to make it all better. He pushed himself against me while I held him so close in my arms.

Good news is we don't have to come in for vaccines until 3 months from today. Yipee!

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