Friday, May 7, 2010

what mornings look like

Leon has been napping and sleeping overnight in his crib.... and I am so proud of him!
The first night of having him home the combination of exhaustion, sleepiness and cluelessness led me to take him in bed next to me and Chris. Other experienced moms would know this but I of course, did not- from that point on Leon only slept on our bed surrounded by pillows. Comfy for him but very uncomfortable for mom. Despite our king size bed I ended up semi-sleeping in the bottom half section of what used to by my side of the bed. This sleeping arrangement lasted almost 2 weeks. I was miserable and I have no idea how I managed to get any sleep. Then one day, Chris and I devised a plan to start having him to at least nap in the mini co-sleeper we've had ready next to our bed. It took a few tries until Leon finally took to the co-sleeper. I remember staring at Leon from my regained spot on the bed- so proud of him for making such a big boy move to his very own bed.
It seems we've come such a long way now that he is in the crib in his room. His room being just a few steps away from ours helped tremendously in giving me the peace of mind.
Every morning when he starts making lots of noises somewhere around 5am to 7am, we take him to our bed to snooze some more and this is what it looks like (photo above). It buys me a couple more hours of sleep (which is priceless) and I can tell that Leon just loves being so close to us. It's like his special treat every morning for being so good and so brave sleeping in his crib.

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