Saturday, May 8, 2010

my first mom's day

Some time last week my sis Pia asked what our plans are for mother's day and I was immediately puzzled. Our mom is back in the Philippines and Chris' mom is in NC. It had to take Pia breaking the big news to me- "Anne, you're a mom!"
Funny how despite Leon clearly being here I did not realize that I now share mother's day with all the wonderful momma's in the world. What an accomplishment it is indeed! I feel very proud to be a mom.
Being Leon's mom is teaching me many things about life, how to practice patience and what it means to truly love.

Today Pia, Chris, Leon and I had brunch at a local bakery & restaurant "La Pain Quotidien" in Sherman Oaks. Leon snoozed in his stroller almost the entire time.

Leon and Chris spending quality time when we got back home.

Joanie- my wonderful mom-in-law sent these beautiful flowers. Thanks so much Joanie!

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