Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Oh please sleep

My 'lil boy has always been battling falling asleep ever since the first night we brought him home and it seems he is only getting good at it. I wish I could just say- "Leon, just close your eyes and give in. Trust me, you will awake a happy baby" for him to realize that sleep is good. It's hard to watch him fight what is good for him and I realize that this won't be the first time. There will be many other times in the future and many other instances growing up when he will have to learn on his own- mostly by making mistakes and experiencing hardships. I recall so many times in my teenage years when my mom would forewarn me in the hopes that I would just listen to save me from heartaches. Well just like a typical all knowing teen eager to get my feet wet and make my own decisions- I would ignore her and go about my way. I know it seems I'm going way ahead of everything being that Leon is only 6 weeks old but I just could not help while watching him time and again fight sleep- that this is a sign of things to come - luckily not in the near future.

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