Saturday, July 16, 2011

it smells like bread!

I've been obsessed with baking lately.  It's often sparked by my disappointment of baked goods I buy from the store.  The so-so quality and taste of what is readily available in grocery shelves motivate me to bake, make it better and use fresh, high quality and organic ingredients if possible.

Not only are the results so much better in taste- it also turns out to be cheaper than buying from the store and preservative free.  You can't lose so if you have the time- definitely try making it yourself.

Almond Vanilla Biscotti

Chocolate Chip Biscotti

Artisan Rosemary Bread

me- very proud of my freshly baked rosemary loaves

I have a feeling this is just the beginning of my baking adventures.  More to come!

A current photo of my sweet boy.  He is more and more active each day, literally getting into everything and climbing everywhere.  It's a fun and very scary stage we are in at the moment.  I tend to underestimate his abilities still thinking that he is just a baby.  Time and time again he proves me wrong.  We were at Target the other day, I placed him securely in the cart with the safety straps on.  As I was pushing the cart along the isle he reached out and was able to pull a glass container off the shelf.  It shattered all over the floor!  I checked him immediately to make sure he didn't have any cuts and thank goodness he was fine.  I had a little cut on my leg that I felt later on.  Man, I have got to get with the program.  My 'lil Leon is growing up and is not so little anymore.

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