Thursday, March 24, 2011

1 week away...

... before Leon's 1st birthday bash!  I'm so excited it seems as if the celebration is for me!  
In a way I see the party as a celebration for us as a family.  We made it through the 1st year- wow.  I recall times during the first couple of months of having Leon when I thought the sleepless nights and continuous crying were never going to end.  Leon was a really good baby- was never colicky, slept real well but he had his moments.  Chris and I were so new at being parents that there were many times when we were unsure of what we needed to do for our new baby.  I have to admit it was not easy.  Newborn phase is not my favorite stage.  But here we are just a week away from Leon's 1 year birthday.  It definitely calls for a celebration!  We LOVE our 'lil boy.  He is a constant source of entertainment around the house and pretty much everywhere. 

Yesterday we checked out "The Coop" the venue of the birthday party.  After checking out the coolest kid play place I've ever seen I got even more excited.  Chris and I walked around this place like we were kids again.  So fun.  Leon found the lit floor totally amazing and of course he loved being submerged in the pool of balls.

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