Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas treats

Yum yum yummy red velvet cupcakes for our dear friends this holiday.

This years' Christmas is a very solemn and peaceful one for us and I'm so glad that it is.  No big parties and no elaborate menus.  Just me, Chris, Leon and Lucy.  So simple in fact, we put up our tree with its pretty twinkling lights and both Chris and I thought, it looks so good without any ornaments.  So there stands our Christmas tree simple and yet festive.  It's beautiful as it is and it accomplishes its job of bringing the Christmas spirit in our home.

We also skipped wrapping presents this year.  We saw the documentary Trash Inc and ever since then we have been making a real conscious effort to limit our consumption of everything.  I worry about what the world is becoming and how most people remain careless.  Not using wrapping paper for our Christmas presents has been a source of lots of laughs actually.  Under the tree is a box from Amazon and another box with a table linen draped over it.  In the garage is another box covered in towels that Chris has been keeping secret.  I'm amused and I'm so proud of our little family.  I am so happy to be able to teach Leon that the world and all its resources deserve the utmost respect.

p.s. the plastic packaging for the cupcakes is recycable

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