Saturday, September 4, 2010

Happy 5th month Leon!

Just when I thought I knew exactly what to expect from Leon - he grows and changes right before my eyes. Suddenly what worked before don't anymore. He certainly keeps us on our toes.

I looked at some of Leon's photos from just a couple of months ago and got so wow-ed at how much he has changed. Now that he has mastered holding his head up he won't give it a rest. So much so whenever he sits in the stroller I see him push himself forward to raise his head all the time now. I'm beginning to think we need the toddler seat soon.

Although I'm incredibly grateful to be able to exclusively breast feed Leon 'til now- I still wish I had the security of knowing that he would take a bottle if needed be. This 'lil guy is very decisive though- I tried to acquaint him with the bottle for two straight months and yet no success. He knows what the sippy cup is all about and that brings me a bit if comfort.

Chris and I have been discussing travel plans for Thanksgiving and I'm just so excited. I love being with family. It will be so much fun to spend time with everyone in NC. I'm a bit nervous about traveling with Leon, his very first airplane ride ever. I've been researching and reading up on what we need to prepare for to make sure we are all comfortable during the flight.

A new adventure is upon us now that Leon is so sturdy... traveling!

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