Friday, September 24, 2010


I'm in disbelief that the time has come for us to set the Baby Bjorn carrier aside. Leon is getting way too heavy for it. The Bjorn served us real well and to be honest- it's what Leon prefers. The only problem is mama can't handle the back strain any longer. Leon much preferred the Bjorn because since the beginning he has been a baby who liked to see everything. He never wanted to be confined in a fabric sling even though people said baby would like the snuggy feeling of being back in the womb. He also disliked being carried facing me. The minute I turned him around to face the world to explore- he instantly became a fan of being worn around. Good bye Bjorn, enter Ergo carrier! We're still working on getting a hang of it. I can tell that Leon and I both don't quite know how we feel about it yet. We have not decided. He hangs in it and seems to tolerate it. I know he misses facing out but this is the only way I can carry his weight without the pain. I must say that the Ergo definitely takes the weight off of my back. This is a carrier that puts the weight along my waist which makes a world of difference.

So far we've tried all three positions- baby in the front (facing me), baby on the side and baby on the back- made possible by Chris. I have no idea how anyone can safely maneuver their baby to their backs without any help and I'm not going to risk dropping Leon. I read the instructions on how to do so but it is just plain scary to even try.

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