Monday, October 24, 2011

fondant flowers

My very first shot at making edible flowers out of fondant/gum paste .....

It was a very time consuming and yet a very rewarding experience for me.  Running Belly Bliss Catering and knocking out dishes in the kitchen is so different from making these.  I had to be in a relaxing and calm zone to make sure everything was just right.  I loved the zen like experience.  From kneading the fondant,  rolling it out at just the correct density, cutting, molding and putting the finishing touches- having to take the time and take in every step was a good change of pace.  Oh and waiting 24 hours for the flowers to harden even added to the anticipation.

I knew I had to start with the simplest flower to make- which I was advised is the Dogwood flower.  My first try was a bit rough but just like anything- practice and patience was all it took.  I'm a total beginner and is so excited to create other lovely pieces.  

These Dogwoods are going to be cupcake toppers for an event this weekend.  I can't wait to take pictures.

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