Tuesday, August 30, 2011

dessert party

Here are some pictures from a dessert party we catered last Saturday.  It was a success!  Everyone oooh and aaaaah'd over all the delicious sweets.  All the hard work was definitely rewarded by happy faces- and satisfied bellies.  

chocolate fountain surrounded by various treats for dipping- fresh strawberries and bananas, rice krispies,  marshmallows, butter cookies, salted pretzels, angel food cake bits, mini donuts.  Butterscotch pudding layered with crumbled sea salt chocolate cookies in individual trifles.

assorted cookies  (some vegan) -  and in the chafing dish are three kinds of ice cream sandwiches.  We placed dry ice in the chafing dish to keep the sandwiches frozen.  It worked like a charm!

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