Saturday, May 7, 2011

happy 1st Leon!

I've been a very bad blogger!  LIFE happens and next thing I know I've missed writing updates on here.  First things first-  Leon had a super fun 1st birthday!  His baby friends came along with their wonderful parents (our great friends) and we all partied at The Coop in Studio City, CA.

Here's a video I put together....

Leon is 1!!!! from Anna Cherubini on Vimeo.

I tend to overdo preparations for a party mainly because of what I do for a living.  I can't help it most times.  I always think to myself that if I'm going to put any effort into anything then it might as well be totally superb.  Leon's party was different.  I told myself to relax and enjoy every minute with my son and my husband.  I didn't want to miss anything because I was too busy fretting on the food.
We had simple food mostly ordered from very good local places and some home made with the help of my awesome friend- Lara.  Thank you Lala!  Simple food presented wonderfully is always the key.

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