Monday, June 14, 2010

Leon at 2 months and 11 days old

He continues to make Chris and I laugh... from his facial expressions to funny sounds he makes. This 'lil guy is full of personality!

He has not been a great day napper but he is an awesome sleeper at night therefore I am not complaining at all. My day is still mostly spent bouncing baby on his bouncer to help him nap but at night Leon has been sleeping 5-6 hour continued stretches... something that I could only wish for just a month ago. In total Chris and I get a full nights' rest and wake up energized.

It is true that caring for a baby gets easier as times go by. I won't dare say that I am now completely confident as I still second guess myself from time to time. However it helps tremendously now that I know Leon's cues.. when he is hungry, sleepy, frustrated, overstimulated or just straight up fussy.

In my quest to find an automatic bouncer I dragged my 'lil family to our local Right Start store to check out the "MamaRoo". As cool and space-agey as it looks, it won't take the place of an old fashioned bouncer. The MamaRoo's motion is very gentle even at its fastest speed. I just know it won't be enough to lull baby to his day time nap. I had high hopes and imagined Leon on the MamaRoo napping while I cross out laundry and cooking on my chore list.

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